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I am so blessed just to even know Pastor Johnny and his sweet wife Janet.Not only were his words insightful, but piercing to the heart as well.But in that short time, this is what I learned through observation: 1) be passionate about what you do.Jesus did this and my favorite preacher strives to do this as well.

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During that time I received a masters in life as he faithfully taught me and other Aggies about applying the Bible to life.

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My pastor, Johnny Dickerson of First Baptist Church in Mansfield Texas is my favorite pastor.I do not get to hear him preach live very often because mostly he preaches out of town, but I have collected a number of his sermons on audio and listen to them repeatedly.

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Unable to travel he pastors a church which has had tremendous spiritual growth(what I am told).He has re-charged my Bible study desires in the last year or so.Let us pray for our preachers and hold in esteem those who are faithful to deliver the truth in love.Plus, his sermons are very educated and not for someone who wants something simple, but deep and theological.My favorite preacher is clayton king (living) and Adrian Rogers (passed).Wake up with Susanna Reid, Sean Fletcher, Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins for Good Morning Britain on ITV.Sources claim fellow anchors on the show are sick of ABC bosses.Finally, no one can freeze a room and arrest attention like Haddon Robinson.

Living: Pastor Ed Taylor of Calvary Chapel Aurora in Denver Colorado. Very solid.He preaches the whole counsel of God from the whole Word of God and his love for the Word is contageous.

I defend myself by saying that all of these share differing and great qualities of preaching.He taught me the greatest message you can ever preach was when you were ministering to someone in the hospital or in a home, and wherever you met people.

I have a couple favorites to mention: John MacArthur and Jeff Noblit.My favorite preacher as I am reading now is J. C. Ryle. Though it is a difficult choice amount the devotional writers of the 19th century, e.g. Andrew Murray and about 50 others.But in my opinion, one of the greatest preachers in the 20th century).

So, he studied and prepared every sermon without written notes and then delivered his sermon completely from memory, but not as a memorized script.I love the way he challenges us as believers to strive for excellence.He has a gift for communicating the truth so that he reaches everyone no matter their intellect or spiritual maturity.He was the Assistant Preacher a few years ago where I meet with my church family.My favorite living preacher is either R.C. Sproul, Al Mohler, or Russell Moore.If however I were pressed I would say right now it is Matt Chandler.His preaching style is quite different than mine and I do not have his speaking gift, but I always enjoy listening to him.

My favorite preacher, and the one God used to grow me up in respect to Salvation was Louie Giglio.He has a profound commitment to the Gospel and preaches it with integrity every time he enters the pulpit.Tax day freebies include free cookies, shaved ice, corn dogs, chips, massages, and more.But as a college student, God used the plain spoken Homer G. Lindsey Jr. to challenge me.CrossPoint and my family are very blessed to have Pastor Ryan as our preacher and shepherd.Not just saying that to be cheesey, but he is really that awesome to me.I love listening to Mark Dever, Tim Keller and Alistair Begg.After my first ministry position I was given a collection of his sermons by the church.

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